Proof of a Tattooed Airline Pilot!

Airline Pilot Tattoo Airliner Airplane Tattoos In Flight

Contrary to what you may read on the web, we have proof of a tattooed airline pilot!  They do exist!

We received this fantastic photo from a captain flying a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 in the UK last week. Originally tattooed as two outlined stars, he had the airplane symbol added just after Christmas as a reminder of his childhood, counting the airport signs on the way to the airport for holiday.

He mentioned that the tattoo is usually covered by his watch, allowing it to be hidden when on the job.

Are you a pilot with an aviation tattoo to share?  Send it to us at!

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  1. flyboy says:

    my tattoo can be cover when i wear long sleeve.So,will my tattoo cause problem for me to become an airlines pilot??

    appreaciate your reply.

    thank you.

  2. 1 says:

    nice one

  3. freightdawg says:

    No. I am a pilot and I have multiple tattoos all that can be covered while wearing a short sleeve shirt. Some companies operation manuals will force you to wear long sleeve even in summer if a short sleeve uniform will not cover up the tattoo. Every operator has their own rules when it comes to tattoos.

  4. MTC says:

    Probably flies for FlyBe as they use a lot of Dash-8 Q400 Aircraft

  5. flytoyourdream says:

    hey, i just got my Commercial and multi IFR, but when i was 15 living in china, i made a mistake doing a tatoo stating the name of the city i used to live in. It was a mistake didnt think about the consequence it could make. it is on my right forearm and i scared not to get hired by any airlines because of that. it can be hiden if i wear long sleeve. But some people tell me that you gotta wear what your captain wears if he wear short sleeve u gotta wear too . Is that true ? thank you

    • It depends on the policies of the airline you are hired with and their dress code. Many large national and international carriers use long sleeve pilot shirts, but some regional airlines or budget airlines (or airlines in warmer climates) have short sleeve shirts for pilots, so again, it depends on the airline. Most of the time in public, like transiting through terminals or greeting passengers, pilots wear their coats or jackets for the sake of formality, so the public might not see your tattoo. In the cockpit, once comfortable in private, it might be a bit easier to get away with part of it being visible, but almost all airlines require it to be covered when in the presence of passengers. Another solution is a cover-up cosmetic product, like Dermablend, that covers the tattoo and makes your arm look like un-tattooed skin.

    • Flyer1987 says:

      Hey there flytoyourdream,

      You shouldn’t have trouble so long as a long sleeve shirt covers the tattoo. At my work, we have the option of wearing a long sleeve shirt or short sleeve shirt. Likely, it just means you won’t have a choice, you’ll always have to wear the long sleeve shirt, even in summer. Otherwise there shouldn’t be a problem, although the Editor above is correct that certain companies might have different rules.

      Good luck with your flying career!

      Fairchild Metro II/III First Officer

  6. ketul acharya says:

    i have a tattoo below my elbow but it can be covered while wearing a full sleeve so will there be any problem when the airline is hiring me or can i wear short sleeve or will they force me to wear long sleeve

  7. Flyer1987 says:

    We sure the pilot with the red/green tattoo above didn’t just get that tattoo to make sure he remembered which wing had the green light, and which had the red one at night? Hahah. I’m just bugging.

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