Toy Hopper Chopper: Schweizer 300 Radio Control Model Helicopter Tattoo

Not all aviation tattoos need to be serious or as true-to-life as a photograph… sometimes they can be just fun and lighthearted like the colorful featured tattoo for today of a radio control model of the Schweizer 300 helicopter as created by tattoo artist Kenneth Hoffa Jr., better known as “Hoffa” tattooing from Ascension Custom Dermagraphics in Orlando, Florida.

The Schweizer 300 family of light helicopters was originally produced by Hughes Helicopters as the Hughes 300… a development of the earlier Hughes 269. Still in production after 50 years, the basic design has changed little and is still a cost-effective and simple two seat helicopter powered by a piston engine used primarily for flight training and agricultural spraying operations.  Nearly 3000 of the little helicopter have been built through the years and the type is now owned by Sikorsky Helicopter as of 2004 when Schweizer was purchased by the manufacturer.

The helicopter looks much like a toy in real-life, thus the reason why its whimsical design is perfect for this colorful calf tattoo.  Great work by tattoo artist Hoffa of Ascension Custom Dermagraphics in Orlando, FL – it is a repeat appearance for him here on Tattoos In Flight!

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  1. That’s my tattoo on my left calf! Hoffa is the man. This was tribute to my Dad who was a huge model heli flyer! Glad you enjoyed it!

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